Meet the team

Sophie Krug – Manager and Blogger

Hey! My name is Sophie, I am a Swedish-Belgian postgraduate student at King’s College London in Clinical Neuropsychiatry. I am passionate about neuroscience and specifically its relations to psychiatric disorders and artificial intelligence. I have created this blog in order to make the latest neuroscience news and literature digestible for the general public, as so many people are interested in the field but find it challenging to understand amidst all the complex terminology. To do this, I have grouped together passionate and inquisitive students to write articles from different areas of neuroscience, each providing you with weekly captivating and up-to-date articles. Please enjoy and we would be happy to hear from you in the comments!

Dinah Basha – Blogger

My name is Dinah Basha, I am a postgraduate medical student at the University of Aberdeen with a bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences from Newcastle University. My interests in neuroscience are specifically within the field of cognitive and translational neuroscience as it delves into the understanding of biological process which underly cognition, and how it can be converted into clinical applications and novel therapies. Which as a student with a background in both research and medicine combines both my passions within the field of neuroscience into one. I hope to share my interests by writing about ongoing articles within these subtopics and ease your understanding within the complex study of neuroscience.

Noa Weinberg – Blogger

My name is Noa Weinberg and I am an Anatomical Science graduate and a Clinical Neuroscience MSc student at King’s College London. My interest in science started nine years ago, when my sister underwent an emergency brain surgery. While studying anatomy at university, I was offered the opportunity to study the human brain through dissection, which ignited my interest in neuroscience. I am especially interested in clinical neuroscience, neuroanatomy and neurosurgery. Outside my studies I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends, reading and writing. As a little side hustle during my undergrad I have been working as a medical writer, and together with Parkinson’s UK, I created a unique platform that assists Parkinson’s patients with various daily tasks. I joined ‘Brain-Based’ as it combines two of the things I love; neuroscience and writing. I am excited to learn more about neuroscience and take you on that journey with me!

Toni Alaka – Blogger

Hiiii!! My name’s Toni! I am currently a graduate of Newcastle University in Biomedical Sciences, and I am looking forward to starting Medicine at King’s College London in September – exciting! I enjoy being creative with my hobbies and spare time outside my academics; I love playing my ukulele, writing poetry in the form of spoken word and I’m a movie fanatic haha! I joined this blog because I have an interest in neuro things (I don’t know how else to describe it…). Our human body is so amazing, and every organ is so well-designed, but guys…the brain is simply special. I’m hoping that by joining this blog, my interests develop and expand in terms of what I read and research. I’m really fascinated by neurological illnesses, but I’m not limited with an interest in just this alone. I hope that what I write, and what you read from the other bloggers, interests you and inspires you to also research and read around the area you find interesting! Thank you for reading! Enjoy Brain-Based!!

Inés Echeandía – Blogger

Hey! My name is Inés, I am a final year undergraduate student in Psychology at the University of Kent. Next year, I hope to continue my studies by pursuing a master’s degree in research. For a while, I was set on becoming a child clinical psychologist but after doing research at university and my placement at the children and young people’s mental health services… I’m not so sure! Through my placement I was able to observe so many psychiatric disorders and started doing some research on the underlying roots of mental disorders and human behaviour. Now, I want to find out more! Some of my interests include Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. I joined ‘Brain-based’ because I love the idea of promoting this newly rising field and keeping up with the latest findings. The brain is SO complex, but I look forward to slowly uncovering its secrets with you.

Ebun Dawodu – Blogger

Hello! My name is Ebun and I am a recent Biomedical Sciences graduate. My interest in neuroscience started during my sixth form years and has developed into a deep appreciation regarding this field of science over the years. This fascination led me into choosing a module during my second year about neuroscience. Through this I was able to learn how diverse neuroscience truly is and gain the skill of reading, analysing and condensing papers into straightforward paragraphs. Within the many sectors of neuroscience, I am particularly fond of neurotransmission and the role that the brain plays in movement and muscles. Beyond neuroscience I am a huge makeup lover, TV show fanatic and like to think I am the best baker out there. I joined Brain-Based as I really did find the content I learnt and researched at university stimulating and I would love to present it in ways that everyone can understand, because I know some papers were quite challenging to digest. I hope you enjoy the content we put out.   

Lily Finnigan – Blogger

Hello, my name is Lily and I am a Biomedical science graduate from the University of Sheffield. I am currently completing a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience at King’s College London. Since my undergrad, I have had a keen interest in Neuroscience and chosen multiple modules based on the biological basis of brain disease. Alongside this, I performed full human body dissections in my anatomy classes, which I absolutely loved. I am currently coming to the end of my masters, but hoping to stay living in London, as I think it’s such a vibrant and social city. Outside of academia, I love socialising with my friends and family, and getting involved with all sorts of activities – travelling, exercising, and exploring all that my area has to offer. I am really looking forward to nurturing and improving my writing style, and frankly establishing what that is by writing about a subject I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy!

Samuel Fenton – Blogger

Hello! My name is Sam. I recently graduated from Webster University Geneva earning a BA in Psychology with distinction. I am planning to pursue a Masters in the following year. Currently I am living in Geneva, although I have grown up in Canada, Kenya, and Hong Kong. I am most interested in neuroscience in the context of developmental psychology, which includes seeing the changes that occur in the brain through the course of a lifetime. Through my studies, I have developed a passion for neuroscience and am excited to write for Brain-Based to share this passion through reading and simplifying complex articles. I hope that you enjoy the articles!

Sunistha Chopra – Blogger

Imagine a small girl dreaming that one day she would be a writer. Imagine her dreaming about studying at Kings College London… Hi everyone! My name is Sunistha and I have just graduated from Kingston University London with a Psychology BSc! Soon, I will be starting my MSc in Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences at Kings College London; something I am ecstatic about! I have joined Brain-Based because a field as fascinating and beautiful as Neuroscience, deserves to be seen and understood by the whole world, and I believe that this is a wonderful way for this to happen! Other than my love for Psychology and writing, my brain is filled with thoughts about books and TV shows! I also just want to say that I hope you all enjoy the content we put on this blog!

SpiroAnthony Stathas – Blogger and Social Media Content Creator

Hello everyone! My name is SpiroAnthony, and I am a final year undergraduate student at the College of the Holy Cross, studying neuroscience and creative writing. From a very young age, I developed the outlandish dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, and as I’ve grown and learned more about the human brain, my desire to help patients suffering with neurological conditions has only deepened. As a research assistant at the Boston University CTE Center, my current research interests involve investigating the pathological progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as CTE and Alzheimer’s Disease, especially with regards to the phosphorylation of tau at certain residues. Outside my academic interests, I love to play the guitar, soccer (football!) with friends, and enjoy reading! I joined Brain-Based because I think there is a great need for scientific advances, particularly in the realm of neuroscience, to be more accessible to the general public. Thanks for reading!

Cyrus Rohani-Shukla – Editor

My name is Cyrus – I am a postgrad student in the Clinical Neuropsychiatry MSc at King’s College London, though I completed my psychology undergraduate degree in Virginia in the USA. As you might assume, my primary interests lie in the biological underpinnings of psychiatric disorders and – similarly – the psychiatric effects of neurological disorders. Beyond the sub-field of neuropsychiatry, I love learning about anything neuroscience and psychology-related as I find the brain to be simultaneously intriguing and endlessly complicated. I have a fairly diverse research background (TMS, caffeine & learning, death salience, psycho-oncology, etc) which pretty accurately reflects the fact that I am captured by anything even remotely related to the brain. I am also a massive supporter of Liverpool FC which isn’t technically neuro-related although it occupies about 80% of my brain.

Malavika Ramanand – Editor

Hi, I’m Mala, a recent Law graduate from the University of Bristol! Despite the difference of academic background, I have been keen to learn and understand the relationship between brain functioning and human behaviour, and how the former affects the latter. I have especially wanted to gain further insight into how cognitive neuroscience can be used to improve mechanisms of intervention for treatment of mental health issues, and my interest to be a part of Brain-Based stems from this. A thorough understanding of these important concepts are impeded by a lack of information that is accessible and straightforward. I want to be in a space that facilitates that understanding by having an outlet to combine my curiosity with my appreciation for writing. 

Elsa Debreu – Social Media Manager

Hello! My name is Elsa, I am 15 years old, and I come from France. I am interested in social media, video editing and journalism. I am very excited to participate in the blog by creating videos and photos to illustrate the bloggers’ articles. Joining “Brain-Based” allows me to develop each of my passions while learning about the brain! At the moment, I still go to school, but in the future, I hope to become a journalist.